On Kurt Vonnegut

I recently had the pleasure of conducting, for the first time, a chronological read-through of the published novels of Kurt Vonnegut. What a lovely and depressing and altogether rewarding endeavor it turned out to be. I highly recommend it, especially to all would-be human beings. Vonnegut wrote fourteen feature-length novels in all. The first wasContinue reading “On Kurt Vonnegut”

The History Of Amaryllian Influence Upon The Planet Once Called Earth

By all credible accounts, the history of Amaryllian influence upon the planet once called Earth is without dispute. Any expert will tell you this. They will cite statistics on deaths by hippopotamus maiming, and so forth. This being so, it is also without dispute that the long relationship between the Amaryllians and the planet onceContinue reading “The History Of Amaryllian Influence Upon The Planet Once Called Earth”